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Life hacks

A new video series detailing various tips and tricks clients have discovered with the support of our experts.

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Help build the foundations for a fulfilling life

Your gift today could help provide specialised early childhood sessions for young children who are blind, or have low vision.

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Order free simulation glasses

Simulating five common eye diseases, these glasses can support communication and education to patients, families and carers. Clinicians order here.

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Vision Australia launches footpath safety survey

We are conducting a survey into the impact of e-scooters and other devices on footpaths for people who are blind or have low vision and want your feedback

Eye chart

Healthcare Professionals - refer when

1. Diagnosis of a permanent, non-correctible or progressive eye condition 2. Visual Acuity of ≤6/12 (BEO) &/or Visual Field of ≤30 degrees (BEO)
3. Vision loss is putting a patient at risk

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Vision Store Support Centre

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products or service, please visit the Vision Store Support Centre.

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